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Xwin CryptoBet provides you with the opportunity to receive up to 6% of the amount that your referrals spend for the tokens. Just give your referral code to your friends, and enjoy the bonuses that will automatically be deposited to your wallet:

First level

each first investor receives his referral code during the first purchase of the tokens

Second level

The second investor makes a purchase, indicating the referral code of the first investor and receives personal referral code. The first investor receives 2% of the purchase of the second investor

Third level

The third investor makes a purchase using the referral code of the second investor. The second investor and the first investor receive 2% of the purchase of the third investor

Fourth level

The fourth investor makes a purchase using the referral code of the third investor. The third, second and first investors receive 2% of the purchase of the fourth investor.

The participants are the main resource of the Xwin CryptoBet platform, and the Xwin referral program is the guarantee of the constant growth of our community. We are glad to share our success with you!

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User-friendly interface

You do not have to bother your head over the complex sequences of actions, before making a bet. It is very simple and understandable.

Fair odds

The amount of potential winnings is calculated automatically by the system. Forget about speculation and understated odds.

Wide range of games

From popular football to darts and even the bets on the show business awards! Games, competitions and tournaments of all range.

Reliable results

Prior to publication, the results are checked against several sources and are available for check by the players themselves.

Timely payment of winnings

In the case of a win, the amount is credited to your account automatically immediately after the announcement of the results. Win quickly.

Transparency of the transactions

Any questions related to the transactions? You have constant access to your database and can check every movement of your funds.

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ICO has already begun and will last until January 30, 2018.

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